Dai Viet Chemicals

Dai Viet is a company specialized in wholesaling basic chemicals used in the fields of production: fertilizer, plastic, paint, rubber, glue, water treatment, mineral exploitation, plating and select food additives. We are also a distributor of laboratory chemicals, equipment and machinery for scientific research.

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Experimental chemicals
Industrial chemicals
Lab equipments and tools


"Prestige - Quality - Trust" has been our motto since Day 1, a guideline throughout the existence and development of the company. We believe accumulating trust by delivering quality products is the most sustainable path to building a prestigious brand.

We are committed to going above and beyond to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market, as well as putting ourselves ahead of fierce competition with innovations and strategies that align with our core values.




Dai Viet constantly search for new products and untapped markets to diversify its portfolio, as well as increasing its sourcing capacity to bring customers the best prices. Meanwhile, we continue to cultivate and strengthen existing business relationships.



Dai Viet is committed to satisfying the needs of customers to the fullest. The company takes the trust of its customers as its main operating purpose. We are committed to deliver products of the right quality, quantity and on time.


Dynamic and creative

In a fiercely competitive environment, to survive and develop Dai Viet must always be dynamic and creative. In the company, we create a comfortable and professional working environment, so that everyone can freely innovate and live up to their full potential.


Buying and selling materials, machinery, equipment and tools in industries and experiments

Buying and selling tools in laboratory research & experiments

Buying and selling machinery, equipment and tools in chemical production

Producing and trading chemicals and chemical products, industrial alcohol, industrial gas, plastics, resins

Purchasing and distributing raw materials for paint industry

Purchasing and distributing raw materials for food additives

Operating direct support services for road transportation


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